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Our Values

Personage concept store and creative space was founded on the grounds of curating experiences that had the capacity to inspire, inform and build networks between designers, artists, creative entrepreneurs and the public clientele, whilst also showcasing innovative and contemporary products and services, in an exciting 360 degree environment.

As the concept store has grown (and continues to grow) to showcase some of the most exciting GCC fashion and design talent alongside complimentary international brands, various other streams of action have allowed us to define our key values and pillars, both as a space and as a platform. These include:

To empower our GCC creative community through enabling access to learning, developmental tools and a platform to showcase their talent regionally and internationally through the Personage network.

To facilitate opportunities for collaboration, learning, and product/brand development through the Personage Network.

Through our various partnerships, support designers and artists in international exchanges and residences enabling a mobilization of Saudi design talent around the world and vice versa

To utilize our platform, our space, and our network to nurture a physical and digital community that can grow and develop through the Personage Network

Through our digital platforms, to facilitate discussion and conversation around topics and themes which are of relevance to the emerging GCC communities and the wider world

To inform and inspire the public enabling a positive exchange between designer and client, thus supplementing the development of rich fashion consumer base in GCC, which also vitally nourishes emerging designers and creatives.